Who We Are

Adam Chalifour

The owner and operator of Brevard IT Services, with nearly two decades of experience in the field and a 21st-century computer engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Adam brings personalized IT service to those in Brevard and Western North Carolina.

Ranging from one-on-one computer training to network engineering for small/medium business, Adam’s approach to IT is consistent. Every customer will benefit from a dedicated, personable, professional partnership for computer and network troubleshooting.

“That all sounds great, but why choose Brevard IT Services?”

Adam focuses on the relationship first, and the resolution second.

Adam cultivates a relationship leveraging his humble beginnings working in the service industry (waiting tables, bartending, delivering pizza) to find common ground. He discusses IT issues without technical jargon and complicated acronyms so nothing is lost in translation. He recognizes when it’s appropriate to chit chat and when it’s best to just get the job done. Adam has acquired wisdom beyond his years through patience – listening and observing first – and then implementing informed IT decisions for everyone’s best interest.

So whether you’re in need of purchasing advice, virus cleaning, advanced network, server, or wireless engineering, or simply someone to help you wade through the technical waters of this ever-growing industry, Adam and Brevard IT Services has you covered.