Business Rates


Standard Default Rate

Hourly Rate (rounded up to the nearest quarter hour)

– $90/hour*

*On-Site visits require one hour minimum charge

Software Services

– Security Software $50 per PC annually* (EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response)

– Complete Care $250 per PC annually* (includes EDR, Cloud Backup, Daily Cleaning)

– Server monitoring $240 per server annually* (uptime, disk space, alerts, etc.)

*monthly billing also available

Monthly Contract Rates

up to 8 hours per month, dispersed in any increment
additional hours may be purchased at the same rate
unused hours rollover each month and expire at the end of the term
billed at the beginning of each month
early termination fee 50% of the remaining contract term

– Single Monthly Contract: $600/month

commitment 1 month per term, no rollover for unused hours, no early termination

– Quarterly Monthly Contract: $500/month

commitment 3 months per term, unused hours rollover for first two months only

– Semi-annual Monthly Contract: $400/month

commitment 6 months per term, unused hours rollover for first five months only

– Annual Monthly Contract: $300/month

commitment 12 months per term, unused hours rollover for first eleven months only

After Hours Rates

– 1.5x the current hourly rate

for example 1.5 x $90 = $135 for after hours standard hourly rate
work after 6pm Weekdays or Saturday or Sunday
work performed at this rate will be discussed and agreed upon by all parties prior to the work being done (often, this rate will not apply to project and contract work)